Clean Beads

funky kiln fired raku beads:3
funky kiln fired raku beads

funky kiln fired raku beads:2
I cleaned the beads and here they are!

Raku bead cleaning

cleaning raku beads
I was able to fire some beads this week. Yay! Now I have to clean them. Boo!

dinosaur for halloween

dinosaur for halloween:2
dinosaur for halloween

Henry's soccer ball

sad soccer ball
I mowed the lawn and ran over Henry's soccer ball. It would've ended up looking like that anyway.
Henry likes to chew

He heals the broken hearted

broken shells
I was blessed to go to Florida recently and I walked on the beach and went in the ocean.  It was the Atlantic side and it was rough so there were only broken shells on the beach.  I walked the beach picking up the shell fragments, studying them I found one was more beautiful than the other. I was kind of shocked to realize they were more beautiful than a perfect shell.  I loved all the scars and holes.  I loved the way they broke and each shell had a different unique pattern.  I was stuffing my pockets with shell fragments and filling my empty coffee cup with them. My mind was planning how I could use them in jewelry.  It made me think of God's mercy, bringing beauty out of broken people and using them in His plan. 

He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3