winter colors

bush in winter
I love the sprinkling of yellow and green with the snow.

thumbprint cookies

thumbprint cookies
I made thumbprint cookies!


blanket scraps
Henry likes to chew and tear up all our blankets. Last summer we went to garage sales just to buy old blankets. I'm sure he's torn up at least 10 blankets. They do make wonderful dust rags and rags for my swiffer.
henry chewed the rug
He even tore up my Grandma's old rug that I had repaired.

thrift for Christmas this year everyone is getting rags made from Henry's torn up blankets. The ones made from this green blanket make wonderful dish rags. I hope everyone agrees.

maze of life

maze of life
This is a little pendant I did which is an impression of life sandwiched between heaven and hell. We are running this maze with one of those destinations awaiting us.

juice in the keyboard

juice in the keyboard
(This is a re-enactment.)

My kids used to multitask eating or drinking while they used the computer. One time my daughter came to me and said she had spilled her juice on the computer keyboard, but not to worry because she had cleaned it up. I quick went to the kitchen and tipped the keyboard on it's side and out poured several ounces of pink juice.

I miss those days.