Door County again

We went on vacation to Door County again. I found this beach with rocks that are all the same type of stone...unusual and beautiful!
Sister Bay Beach Door County Wisconsin

There was a wedding across the street from where we stayed. I was reading my book but found myself looking up every few minutes to see if the bride was coming out. I couldn't help but watch a little....
a wedding

We had fun on jet skis. There are no pictures because I was hanging on for my life.

No star gazing this time but we ate a lot of good food!

When I got home I sat on the back patio and noticed all the sparrows were sitting in a line on my fence staring at me. I finally figured out that the birdbath was dry for a week and they were waiting for me to fill it up. Back to business!

A dog and his cone

dog and his cone
Our dog had surgery and he was really sad. He had to wear a giant cone for 10 days. All his favorite places were hard to negotiate. He was so confused. At first he would just stand in one place with his head hanging down. So pitiful!!

He soon figured out how to use the cone as a tool, pushing us around the house like is was a front loader. You had to be especially careful going out the back door. "Waaaaait!!!!"

By the end the cone was all dented up. I had to clean it two times a day because it was always full of slobber.
labrador sleeping with a cone

labrador and his cone

Both of us were so happy to go back to the vet and get his stitches out so he could be cone free.

cone free dog
Happy dog!

retired dog cone
The cone now lives in the garage loft.