raw clay beads

raw clay beads

The relentless pursuit of mischief....

the tired puppy

It's hard to tire out a puppy. He went to doggie day care last week and came home exhausted...yay! It didn't last long though! I did manage to work on some beads while he was gone. Hopefully I can get them done next week....the process!

Henry's school picture

Isn't he cute?

asleep on the way home

He slept on the way home from day care.

puppy power

Today he's back to himself. "Let me outta here! I want to bite that big dog and chase him around the house!!"

The relentless pursuit of mischief....

What am I doing now?

puppy picture

He's my daughter's dog and he is cute! I'm helping her train him. He is very smart and learning fast.