The Blue Hearth

The Blue Hearth

Years ago I remarked to my husband as we were driving one night that each television set in each home looked like a blue hearth. The blue glow from each window beckons, like a newfangled fireplace, for the family to sit and be entertained. Even 25 years ago it made me sad to think that so many people had a deep and abiding relationship with their television set. There were glowing blue windows all down the street and today we have even more gadgets to distract us. The problem as I see it is that communication technologies replace real relationship and real conversation.  We watch our favorite News channel or our favorite TV show and we know more about those people on the screen than we do about the people in our own homes. We parrot their lines and adopt their opinions because they are on TV!!!  The media industry makes the product feel like dialogue, but to me it seems more like a monologue that’s lasted over 50 years.  They talk to us but we can't answer.  They make us feel like we are part of the conversation or the story, but we are only listening.  They shape our views.  They started by having us watch ourselves, then gradually moved us away from ourselves toward something we never could have believed we could become.

I did this little collage as a tribute to that memory, the Blue Hearth...the heart of the home.  I used newspaper for the houses and there are no doors, because no one is allowed to come in except the TV personalities.

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redo oil painting

painting overpainting over 2

For some reason I love this theme...

I started these paintings years ago and have lost interest in the idea so I'm painting over all of them. I am also trying to use up my old oil paints. I had set aside oil painting because I can't seem to ventilate well enough in the house when I paint.

I like to use mineral spirits as a thinner. If I paint in the basement the dryer burns off the vapors making the clean clothes smell like turpentine.
"Ugh! Now I have to wash everything again!!"

Yesterday I painted in the kitchen. I opened the window and lit a candle trying to burn vapors and ventilate. Later I turned on the stove and had the same problem...turpentine! I had to burn off the mineral spirit vapors in the stove before I could cook dinner because no one would want to eat food that smells like turpentine.

I'm going to try the upstairs bedroom today.

redo oil painting
I kind of wish I had left the face as part of a landscape design. Oh well!

redo oil painting 2
redo oil painting 3

redo oil painting 4
More changes to come...

red bushes

painting over old oil on canvas
Hmmm...what should I do with this sketch?

November window box

geraniums in november

Now it is November and you can see the geraniums in my window box are still doing well! You can see my earlier blog post here.

november window box