Joy by Jean Patou

Joy by Jean Patou

I enjoy vintage perfumes as pieces of the past and I enjoy them as works of art. I tend to like perfumes from the past more than modern perfumes.  I like that the ingredients were less synthetic than they are today.  I like that someone composed them, just like a musician composes music.  I think it's interesting that perfume exists without much praise for the perfumer, because so much effort goes into each composition. To me they are works of art and should be shared.  

I often think about the people who make the raw ingredients that are used in these perfumes. Someone supplies the perfumer with the best ingredients. Those people are artists too!

At home I wear perfume for myself.  I put a little on ( and I mean a little) and then I enjoy how is changes for the next few hours.  I try to figure out what's in it, but that's not my strength. I'm not the best at descriptions.  There are websites that do a better job, like 
Yesterday's Perfume and Basenotes. You may find that some reviews make you laugh out loud.

Joy is a perfume that seems to have different faces.  Depending when the vintage bottle was produced it can give you a little different experience.  In my opinion it's a lot of rose, which strikes people as old fashioned, but how can roses be old fashioned? I love it. 

There are some stores on Etsy like
HardToFindPerfumes that sell rare, original formulas.

God on the Mountain

Puerto Rico

Sweet Jesus,
Please protect your body in Puerto Rico today and the innocent on that island. Cover them and their property like a shield from the forces of hurricane Maria. Please stop hurricane Maria now from doing any more damage. You spoke to the wind and waves, "Peace be still". I speak your words out now on behalf of my brothers and sisters who live in Puerto Rico. If you are chastening us, let this natural disaster bring repentance and lead the lost into a relationship with You Jesus.

red bushes

red bushes

Having some fun painting!

copper matte raku glaze

copper matte raku glaze:1

copper matte raku glaze:2

I purchased this glaze years ago and tried it again recently. I love the way it turned out!


Sweet Jesus,
I know our nation has displeased you in so many ways. We call good evil and evil good. I know we deserve punishment for all of our sins and maybe these hurricanes are a form of punishment for sin. If so, I repent now for the sins of the United States of America that would cause you to punish us with terrible natural disasters. I ask that you would turn these hurricanes toward the open ocean where they can't damage people or property, make them disappear. If they must land please protect the saints and their property, those who love you Jesus, and protect the innocent in the land and their property. Let only the wicked feel your rebuke so they will repent and turn to you for mercy and forgiveness. I beg you for mercy now for the sake of those in the path of Irma. Please stop this hurricane Lord Jesus. Your will be done. Amen

Before and After

clay beads:raw


kiln fired clay beads raku