Croatian Christmas cookies

calendar shot cookie pick up
Don't forget to pick up the cookies!!

milwaukee croatian tamburitzan cookies
Yum! Please God help me not to eat all the cookies...and by all I mean 19 boxes, since 1 is already gone!

milwaukee croatian tamburitzans

turkey scaps for soup and dogs

turkey scraps

Thanksgiving is over. I made soup which is already gone.
The scraps for the dogs are in the green bowl. They are so happy to have turkey scraps!

yum! turkey scraps

Electric griddle naan and artisan bread

My daughter found a tikka masala recipe that we love, but how can you make tikka masala without naan?  I use my electric griddle at it's hottest setting to bake the naan on each side.

I use my artisan bread dough recipe at the bottom of the page for the naan.

First I roll out my bread dough with a rolling pin.  It's very sticky. I use a lot of flour when I roll out the dough so I can pick it up without having it stick to my fingers.  I brown each side of the flat bread with my electric griddle until it looks like naan. My daughter says it tastes just like the naan at
Taste of India, which is high praise.

Roll out the dough.

...bake naan on your electric griddle....

Then flip it!

pretty naan!


Rustic bread

I've been making a version of this rustic bread recipe almost everyday. It's also known as artisan bread because it only has 4 ingredients, flour, water, yeast,and salt.

I take 3 cups of
Alta Artisan Unbleached flour, 1.5tsp instant dry yeast, 1.5tsp sea salt.  I stir the dry ingredients, then add as much water to make it sticky like it looks in the picture.  That's about 2 cups warm water.  I let it rise about 40 minutes.  I dump it onto a floured surface and shape it into a ball, using just enough flour so it's not sticky anymore.  I don't knead it. I place it on  a greased, perforated pizza pan I let it rise again about 30 minutes.  I bake it for 25 minutes in a preheated oven at 400 degrees.

Everyone loves this bread. I think it's the flour that makes it so good. Yum!

Reposted recipes from my old website.

The Best Watermelon

Alita brand
I usually don't have good luck picking watermelons, but this Alita brand watermelon was the best I've ever had.  The dog liked it too!