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Zen by Shiseido
The original perfume was created by Josephine Catapano which is amazing to me because it is so different from Youth Dew and Norell and Fidji. It was released in 1964. To me it's an understated oriental. I owned a bottle just like the one pictured when I was in my teens. I loved it then and I love it today.


youth dew

Youth-dew was created by Josephine Catapano and Ernest Shiftan.  I wonder about these artists who created classic perfumes.  I respect their work even if Youth-Dew is a blast from the past. I wonder what shaped their choices for this perfume.

I'm old enough to remember Youth-Dew, but I never wore it.  The bottle I have is extremely strong when first applied.  To me it's opening is floral, and I love it, but it quickly moves to a heavy oriental which takes a long time to soften.  Because my bottle is old, it's hard to say if this is normal for Youth-Dew, though one reviewer described Youth-Dew as smelling like an anointing oil used in biblical maybe it is normal. I can understand what that reviewer meant, but that's exactly why I like these older formulas.  The artist wasn't working with a bunch of synthetic ingredients, they were putting nature into a bottle and trying to make the ingredients complement each other.  It can't be easy.  Youth-Dew is strong, but it does mellow with time. If you put it on you might not want to leave the house for an hour...or two.  You only need a teeny-tiny amount. If you like orientals, you might like this fragrance. 

After a few hours it mellows to a very nice soft oriental, but who can wait that long? I did dilute some and it still smells very vintage. My daughter said it still smells like an old lady. :(
youth dew:2

Joy by Jean Patou

Joy by Jean Patou

I enjoy vintage perfumes as pieces of the past and I enjoy them as works of art. I tend to like perfumes from the past more than modern perfumes.  I like that the ingredients were less synthetic than they are today.  I like that someone composed them, just like a musician composes music.  I think it's interesting that perfume exists without much praise for the perfumer, because so much effort goes into each composition. To me they are works of art and should be shared.  

I often think about the people who make the raw ingredients that are used in these perfumes. Someone supplies the perfumer with the best ingredients. Those people are artists too!

At home I wear perfume for myself.  I put a little on ( and I mean a little) and then I enjoy how is changes for the next few hours.  I try to figure out what's in it, but that's not my strength. I'm not the best at descriptions.  There are websites that do a better job, like 
Yesterday's Perfume and Basenotes. You may find that some reviews make you laugh out loud.

Joy is a perfume that seems to have different faces.  Depending when the vintage bottle was produced it can give you a little different experience.  In my opinion it's a lot of rose, which strikes people as old fashioned, but how can roses be old fashioned? I love it. 

There are some stores on Etsy like
HardToFindPerfumes that sell rare, original formulas.