Our dogs

My helper

my old dog
I was getting ready to fix my kiln so I laid down a tarp. When I came back into the room my old dog was laying on it. He's a sweet old dog.

old dog

dog on his bed in the snow
I shook out the dog bed and left it outside while I vacuumed. My old dog laid down until I was done.

Henry was expelled

Henry was expelled
He looks so innocent, but he was expelled from doggie daycare. We aren't sad. I didn't know that it meant he would be confined in a room for 8 hours with 20 other dogs. I thought they played with the dogs and rotated them. I should have asked! Now we are working on obedience and nice manners.

"It wasn't me."

cat beads
I am trying to get back to work but Henry likes to eat clay beads...especially cat shaped beads. I made three, one is gone and you can see one is half eaten.
it wasn't me
"It wasn't me."

Do I smell turkey?

do I smell turkey?

Let me in!!

Hope you had a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Henry's soccer ball

sad soccer ball
I mowed the lawn and ran over Henry's soccer ball. It would've ended up looking like that anyway.
Henry likes to chew

dogs and utility flags

Utility flags are irresistible to dogs. I remember past projects waiting to have the utility companies come and place their flags on our property so some project could begin. Within an hour of their placement I would see one of our dogs sprint across the yard with one in his mouth
(and ya know it's illegal to put them back!).
dogs and utility flags:2

These guys are no different...

dogs and utility flags:1

dogs and utility flags:3
Don't worry, they found it and chewed it long after the expiration date...but still.

The relentless pursuit of mischief....

the tired puppy

It's hard to tire out a puppy. He went to doggie day care last week and came home exhausted...yay! It didn't last long though! I did manage to work on some beads while he was gone. Hopefully I can get them done next week....the process!

Henry's school picture

Isn't he cute?

asleep on the way home

He slept on the way home from day care.

puppy power

Today he's back to himself. "Let me outta here! I want to bite that big dog and chase him around the house!!"

The relentless pursuit of mischief....

What am I doing now?

puppy picture

He's my daughter's dog and he is cute! I'm helping her train him. He is very smart and learning fast.

A dog and his cone

dog and his cone
Our dog had surgery and he was really sad. He had to wear a giant cone for 10 days. All his favorite places were hard to negotiate. He was so confused. At first he would just stand in one place with his head hanging down. So pitiful!!

He soon figured out how to use the cone as a tool, pushing us around the house like is was a front loader. You had to be especially careful going out the back door. "Waaaaait!!!!"

By the end the cone was all dented up. I had to clean it two times a day because it was always full of slobber.
labrador sleeping with a cone

labrador and his cone

Both of us were so happy to go back to the vet and get his stitches out so he could be cone free.

cone free dog
Happy dog!

retired dog cone
The cone now lives in the garage loft.