Sweet Jesus,
I know our nation has displeased you in so many ways. We call good evil and evil good. I know we deserve punishment for all of our sins and maybe these hurricanes are a form of punishment for sin. If so, I repent now for the sins of the United States of America that would cause you to punish us with terrible natural disasters. I ask that you would turn these hurricanes toward the open ocean where they can't damage people or property, make them disappear. If they must land please protect the saints and their property, those who love you Jesus, and protect the innocent in the land and their property. Let only the wicked feel your rebuke so they will repent and turn to you for mercy and forgiveness. I beg you for mercy now for the sake of those in the path of Irma. Please stop this hurricane Lord Jesus. Your will be done. Amen


Thanksgiving 2016
Thank You Father God in the name of Jesus your Son for the United States of America. Please forgive us for our sins, and please continue to bless us Lord God.

God Bless America

God Bless America
Lord Jesus, again I thank You and praise You for our country the United States of America. Please continue to bless our country with humility before You so we may be blessed with peace and prosperity.

God Bless America

fireworks 2016
God, please continue to bless America.