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The Sweetest Angel

It was Christmas, and her mom gave her one dollar for each family member and said, "We're going to the Dollar Store, and you can pick out a present for each person." The little girl picked out a present for her mom and everyone else, too. She paid by herself even though she was only 4 years old.  She seemed particularly excited about the gift for her mom.  In the car she warned her mom not to peek in the bag.  "I won't!" said her mom.  When they got home the little girl ran upstairs to wrap it and told her mom not to come upstairs while she wrapped the present. "I won't!" said her mom, but soon the little girl was back downstairs.
"What's the matter?" Her mom asked with a smile.
"Can you wrap the present for me?" the little girl asked.

"How can I without seeing it?"
"Close your eyes."
"Ok, but you'll have to hand me the pieces of tape."
The little girl agreed and began to hand pieces of tape to her mom as she blindly wrapped the present. Once finished, the little girl ran back upstairs with the present, but immediately came down the stairs once more.
"What's the matter?" asked her mom.
"I can't wait until Christmas to give it to you."
"You want me to open it now?!" and the little girl nodded.
When her mom opened the present, there was the sweetest angel.
the sweetest angel

Thank you Francine

It was 1985.  I worked with two women who loved Jesus and had a personal relationship with Him. Interestingly, both women had a Jewish heritage.  Anyway, they double teamed me for about a year talking to me about Jesus and asking me if I was saved.  One was particularly persistent, her name was Francine. "How do you know you are saved?!!" I didn't have an answer.   Even though I had grown up in a denomination I did not know Jesus.  I did not know He had died for MY sins.  I knew he was a historical figure, but he was not my personal savior. 

When I was leaving that job Francine gave me a Bible which I still own. The picture shows what she wrote to me.  At the time I wanted to throw it at her, but I accepted it as a gift and moved to Charlottesville, Virginia.  I was happy to be rid of the Christians only to find out that where there had been two there were now ten Christians.  The Lord chased me across state lines and sent an army of believers to love me into the Kingdom of God. I knew He was pursuing me.  I gave my life to Jesus Christ in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1985.    

We lived there for 5 years. We had our first child in Charlottesville, Virginia.  After we had our daughter I got the strong desire to call Francine and tell her I had given my life to Jesus Christ.  I wanted to thank her too for being so bold.  It had been 5 years which seemed like a long time. It was before the internet so most people from your past disappeared and were never heard from again.  I prayed to God to help me find her.  I called the place I had worked not knowing if she even worked there anymore and she answered the phone! She said she only worked a couple days a month and that it was a miracle she was there...and that she answered the phone!  She was excited to hear that I had given my life to Jesus and that she had been part of it.  She'll never know until she gets to heaven how she she changed the world by being obedient to God.

bible blessing

pink sunset

pink sunset

My husband bought a boat and we have been enjoying some beautiful sunsets.

San Diego fun

San Diego marina

It was fun to visit San Diego. I am blessed. I loved spending time with friends and family. I read books and ate a lot of good food. It was fun to watch and hear the seals in the marina too!

traveling with kids

When my kids were little we went to visit my Mom and Dad.  My Mom bought all kinds of breakfast foods for the kids including cake donuts.  We only had three days to get through all the breakfast foods. We didn't eat the cake donuts.  My Mom insisted that we take them on the plane with us because they might make a convenient snack.  She is also opposed to wasting food.  I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I took the bag of cake donuts.  I was carrying a lot of stuff, including a toddler, while corralling two other kids.  Needless to say the bag of donuts got pretty banged was tossed, kicked, stepped on, sat on and squished.  When we were getting off the plane I was holding a big bag of cake donut crumbs which I safely deposited in the nearest garbage can.  

Every day is Tuesday

When my daughter was young she took piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon.  I would  drive her there and wait in the car during that half hour lesson and soon realized it was the only time I stopped moving.  Life moved so fast back then that it seemed like the only time I stopped to think was Tuesday afternoon for one half hour while I waited in the car for her to be done.  Soon it seemed like every day she was telling me it was Tuesday and she had a piano lesson.

"Mom I have a piano lesson today."

"Really, is it Tuesday again? It feels like every day is Tuesday."

Now it's become my personal expression for time moving too fast..."Every day is Tuesday."