red poppies

red poppies
My poppies are blooming! My neighbor took this picture and sent it to me.

Rock Hounding on Lake Michigan

I had a chance to rock hound recently which I haven't done in a few years. It was a beautiful day and I had so much fun! Hopefully I can cut and tumble some of them soon!

raku house beads

raku beads:fish and chickens
I finally ran my kiln again! Now I have to clean them!

pray with me

Sweet Jesus,
I ask for you to send a cure for this pandemic. I'm praying that you guide the minds of Doctors and Scientists to find a cure for this virus. I pray you give our leaders wisdom and discernment beyond their natural abilities to work together and find solutions. I repent for the sins of this nation, pride, abortion, sexual deviancy, idolatry, addiction to name a few. Please forgive us and withdraw your wrath from America and it's people. I'm praying that You provide for those in need, anyone who's lost their job, help us to help each other. I'm praying that you care for the elderly, the children who are scared, their parents who are scared, the fearful and lonely. Please care for the homeless. I'm praying for all the healthcare workers to be strong and healthy. Give them your strength, Jesus, to face this pandemic and help us to remember them daily in our prayers. Please get them the supplies they need. I'm praying that Americans stay in their homes for as long as the Government needs them to. I'm praying that people all over the world give their lives to you Jesus.

zebra necklace

zebra necklace