Brave Sparrow

brave sparrow
There was a sparrow chirping in my garage all day.  I tried everything to get it out, but it wouldn't leave.  I opened the garage door several times, it wouldn't leave.  Every time I shut the garage door it would start chirping again.  

"Chirp, chirp, chirp!"

Later in the day the chirping seemed slower. She was getting tired. I opened the garage door again, then I saw the little sparrow stuck behind the lace curtain in my garage, so I went and set it free.  While I was moving the curtain I could see two or three sparrows chirping on the other side of the glass outside, like they were trying to help the trapped sparrow. I realized then that the bird who chirped all day and wouldn't leave my garage was not the same bird that was trapped!  The bird that chirped all day was trying to sound an alarm
for me to help!!  

She was really saying, "Help, help, help!!"

I kept thinking she was trying to build a nest in my garage, but no, she was trying to get my attention so I would help her friend.  As soon as I freed the little sparrow, they all left and the chirping stopped.

What a brave little bird to spend the whole day in a hot garage and refuse to leave because she wanted help for her friend.