My kiln repair

broken kiln
My kiln broke and I tried to repair it with some old kiln cement I had and it didn't sad. If I had had a good kiln cement it would've worked beautifully.

broken kiln:2
Now I have to take it all apart and clean up the mess.

drill bit for kiln repair
This is a great drill bit. I got it at a garage sale. I bought it because the guy said it was a great drill bit. He was right!

L&L hi-temp kiln cement is the best
I had to wait for the kiln cement to arrive.

wet hi-temp kiln cement
This is what it looks like.

kiln element care
I'm always gentle with moving the element because they get brittle over time. If I break it then I have another repair! But I already found a great video for that.

repairing a kiln
I had to do this in two stages. You can see how I measure the pieces. I cut them with my mitre saw. I always have the shop-vac on when I'm cutting or grinding. I used fire brick from my old kiln which matched the fire brick in the kiln I'm repairing.

protect the elements!
I try to protect the elements, but I usually get something on them. It can damage them if I get cement on them.

butter the fire brick
Butter the surfaces after you dampen them with water.

kiln repair
It's like frosting a cake.

the kiln repair
The cement seems really secure when dry. I hope it works! Otherwise I have to buy a new kiln! Even if I get another 6 months out of this kiln I would be happy!

I used
this video as a guide, but a different cement than the one featured.