The Sweetest Angel

It was Christmas, and her mom gave her one dollar for each family member and said, "We're going to the Dollar Store, and you can pick out a present for each person." The little girl picked out a present for her mom and everyone else, too. She paid by herself even though she was only 4 years old.  She seemed particularly excited about the gift for her mom.  In the car she warned her mom not to peek in the bag.  "I won't!" said her mom.  When they got home the little girl ran upstairs to wrap it and told her mom not to come upstairs while she wrapped the present. "I won't!" said her mom, but soon the little girl was back downstairs.
"What's the matter?" Her mom asked with a smile.
"Can you wrap the present for me?" the little girl asked.

"How can I do that without seeing it?"
"Close your eyes."
"Ok, but you'll have to hand me the pieces of tape."
The little girl agreed and began to hand pieces of tape to her mom as she blindly wrapped the present. Once finished, the little girl ran back upstairs with the present, but immediately came down the stairs once more.
"What's the matter?" asked her mom.
"I can't wait until Christmas to give it to you."
"You want me to open it now?!" and the little girl nodded.
When her mom opened the present, there was the sweetest angel.
the sweetest angel