youth dew

Youth-dew was created by Josephine Catapano and Ernest Shiftan.  I wonder about these artists who created classic perfumes.  I respect their work even if Youth-Dew is a blast from the past. I wonder what shaped their choices for this perfume.

I'm old enough to remember Youth-Dew, but I never wore it.  The bottle I have is extremely strong when first applied.  To me it's opening is floral, and I love it, but it quickly moves to a heavy oriental which takes a long time to soften.  Because my bottle is old, it's hard to say if this is normal for Youth-Dew, though one reviewer described Youth-Dew as smelling like an anointing oil used in biblical maybe it is normal. I can understand what that reviewer meant, but that's exactly why I like these older formulas.  The artist wasn't working with a bunch of synthetic ingredients, they were putting nature into a bottle and trying to make the ingredients complement each other.  It can't be easy.  Youth-Dew is strong, but it does mellow with time. If you put it on you might not want to leave the house for an hour...or two.  You only need a teeny-tiny amount. If you like orientals, you might like this fragrance. 

After a few hours it mellows to a very nice soft oriental, but who can wait that long? I did dilute some and it still smells very vintage. My daughter said it still smells like an old lady. :(
youth dew:2