Pray for him

When our kids were little my husband was working so hard. I was a stay at home mom. He was building something very special at the time and worked many long hours. If the kids hadn't seen him in a couple days sometimes they would complain at night when I put them to bed. I might have even felt the temptation to complain, because he was such a relief to the demands of motherhood. He would come in the house and rush to see them and even if he was tired he would make them laugh.

I remember telling the kids not to complain that he wasn't home but to pray for him. Then if they still struggled I would tell them to be thankful that they had a Dad like him. They were blessed that they got to see him at all because some kids had parents in the military or parents who were truck drivers and they didn't get to see their dads for weeks or months.

My Mom or Dad told me that one of their grandfathers was a lumberjack. He would have to leave his wife and kids in a tiny cabin for the whole winter to go up north to do his job. We think we have it hard!