Brave Sparrow

brave sparrow
There was a sparrow chirping in my garage all day.  I tried everything to get it out, but it wouldn't leave.  I opened the garage door several times, it wouldn't leave.  Every time I shut the garage door it would start chirping again.  

"Chirp, chirp, chirp!"

Later in the day the chirping seemed slower. She was getting tired. I opened the garage door again, then I saw the little sparrow stuck behind the lace curtain in my garage, so I went and set it free.  While I was moving the curtain I could see two or three sparrows chirping on the other side of the glass outside, like they were trying to help the trapped sparrow. I realized then that the bird who chirped all day and wouldn't leave my garage was not the same bird that was trapped!  The bird that chirped all day was trying to sound an alarm
for me to help!!  

She was really saying, "Help, help, help!!"

I kept thinking she was trying to build a nest in my garage, but no, she was trying to get my attention so I would help her friend.  As soon as I freed the little sparrow, they all left and the chirping stopped.

What a brave little bird to spend the whole day in a hot garage and refuse to leave because she wanted help for her friend.


Red Coral Beaded Necklace

red coral bead necklace

I knotted these red coral beads on silk and finished it with one of my house beads and one of my sterling silver clasps.

Every day is Tuesday

When my daughter was young she took piano lessons on Tuesday afternoon.  I would  drive her there and wait in the car during that half hour lesson and soon realized it was the only time I stopped moving.  Life moved so fast back then that it seemed like the only time I stopped to think was Tuesday afternoon for one half hour while I waited in the car for her to be done.  Soon it seemed like every day she was telling me it was Tuesday and she had a piano lesson.

"Mom I have a piano lesson today."

"Really, is it Tuesday again? It feels like every day is Tuesday."

Now it's become my personal expression for time moving too fast..."Every day is Tuesday."

Siskiwit Bay Lodge Cornucopia Wisconsin

Siskiwit Bay Lodge 1

Siskiwit Bay Lodge 2
We got away to a beautiful lodge in the North woods of Wisconsin.  I had no expectations. I hoped I wouldn't be chasing/cornering/killing varmints all night never know in northern Wisconsin.  I was pleasantly, PLEASANTLY surprised by the Siskiwit Bay Lodge. It was so beautiful, sitting there on the shore of Lake Superior.  They serve a beautiful breakfast every morning.  All the guests who want to can come and sit together for breakfast at 8:30 in the morning.  We didn't know each other, but it was really comfortable to sit at the same table eating breakfast.  The owners, Sandy and Bruce Von Riedel, were the perfect host and hostess.  They would often sit and chat with us a little after they served us breakfast.  We talked about our plans for the day, some went fishing, some went to Duluth to the maritime museum, some went bird watching, some went kayaking to the sea caves....some went back to bed.  

There were loons making noise on the water, a bald eagle flew overhead.  I went for a walk and was annoyed by the sound of my own feet walking.  It was so tranquil, my feet distracted me from the sweet sounds of birds calling to each other. 

We ate Lake Superior whitefish everyday and a little trout. Yum! The food was good everywhere we went. Restaurants in Bayfield are only 25 minutes away. There are many talented artists who work in this area too.

Siskiwit Bay Lodge is only a place for adults and there are only 5 rooms, so book soon!!

Siskiwit Bay Lodge 4
Out by the fire at night.

Siskiwit Bay Lodge 3
Where I sat to watch the loons.

Siskiwit Bay Lodge 5
The tree where the eagles like to sit.

meyers beach sea cave hikemeyers beach sea cave hike 2
Hiking through the Apostle Islands National Park at Meyers beach looking down at the sea caves. Wouldn't advise this hike for children! Not many guardrails. It took us 2 hours round trip.

sea caves apostle islands wisconsin
Sea caves looking up from Captain Mike's boat. We took a sea cave tour from his operation at Good Earth Outfitters in Cornucopia Wisconsin. No we didn't kayak, we were too tired from the hike the day before. We had a great time on Captain Mike's big, beautiful boat with the twin engines.

nut brown ale south shore brewery
I even found a beer I like, Nut Brown Ale from the South Shore Brewery in Ashland Wisconsin, which is also home to some beautiful brownstone buildings (picture below) made with brownstone mined from the region. Washburn has some really beautiful brownstone buildings too.

brownstone building ashland wisconsin

God Bless America

fireworks 2016

God, please continue to bless America.