I surrender all to the cause of Christ

While working...
making clay beads

...and making chili...
making chili

...I came upon this beautiful song.

Isn't it great to hear young people praise Jesus?

Sweet Jesus please bless and lead and care for all the young people especially those who love you and are trying to honor you with their lives. Light their path and help them walk it out. Hold them while they walk just like we did when they were little. Put a hunger in their hearts for you Jesus. Remind them that you died for ALL their sins and you can heal their broken hearts. Release them from all their fears. Bring rivers of living water flowing out of them Lord Jesus that you may be glorified. In Jesus name we pray!
Thank you Jesus!

baby sparrow

baby sparrow
I took my big dogs to the doggy hotel on Memorial Day. They weren't invited to the picnic because of excessive drooling and hyperactivity. Before the picnic I was sitting on the back patio with my grand-dog Scout (who is so well behaved that he was invited to the picnic) when a storm of chirping and squawking developed behind me. I looked back and saw Scout looking down at the ground. When I walked to the spot where he was there was a baby sparrow in the grass. I thanked him for not eating it and took him inside, then all the wild chirping stopped.