juice in the keyboard

juice in the keyboard
(This is a re-enactment.)

My kids used to multitask eating or drinking while they used the computer. One time my daughter came to me and said she had spilled her juice on the computer keyboard, but not to worry because she had cleaned it up. I quick went to the kitchen and tipped the keyboard on it's side and out poured several ounces of pink juice.

I miss those days.

Hens and Chicks Centerpiece

I had to find a centerpiece for a baby shower for a boy. I liked using hens and chicks because it was a baby shower. I liked that we could plant these in the garden after the shower.
centerpiece:2 centerpiece:3centerpiece:4
I bought blue plastic table clothes from the dollar store with and lined the original container. I still put a trivet under them on the table because they weren't dry on the bottom.

A walk on the beach

Keshi pearl necklace grayshell pendant with grey keshi pearls

I made this necklace with keshi pearls I bought some years ago. I was really happy to use one of the shells I found when visiting Jacksonvile Florida. I enjoyed putting some pearls and beads in the holes of the shell, like they put there by the ocean. The fluorite toggle bead looks like sea glass.