He heals the broken hearted

broken shells
I was blessed to go to Florida recently and I walked on the beach and went in the ocean.  It was the Atlantic side and it was rough so there were only broken shells on the beach.  I walked the beach picking up the shell fragments, studying them I found one was more beautiful than the other. I was kind of shocked to realize they were more beautiful than a perfect shell.  I loved all the scars and holes.  I loved the way they broke and each shell had a different unique pattern.  I was stuffing my pockets with shell fragments and filling my empty coffee cup with them. My mind was planning how I could use them in jewelry.  It made me think of God's mercy, bringing beauty out of broken people and using them in His plan. 

He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

squirrels storing walnuts

walnuts in odd places
One year I planted tomato plants in pots. The dirt was left in the pots from the year before and I added new potting soil.  At first the plants looked good, then the leaves started to curl.  I finally took them out of the pots and put them in the ground hoping to get a few tomatoes.  When I did that I found walnuts in the pots, not very many, but it must have been enough to poison the tomato plants.  

When I came home from a recent trip I saw the squirrels were working while I was gone.  They are funny, they lodge the walnuts anywhere they can.  I have to remember to dump my pots next year and take out all the walnuts so my plants do well.

Lake Michigan beach stones cut in half

lake michigan stones cut in half:2
lake michigan stones cut in half:1

lake michigan stones cut in half:3

It's fun to work with such beautiful material. When I look at the variety and complexity of each rock I marvel at how awesome a creator God is. He has hidden such beauty inside a rock. No one will ever see it until it’s cut open.


youth dew

Youth-dew was created by Josephine Catapano and Ernest Shiftan.  I wonder about these artists who created classic perfumes.  I respect their work even if Youth-Dew is a blast from the past. I wonder what shaped their choices for this perfume.

I'm old enough to remember Youth-Dew, but I never wore it.  The bottle I have is extremely strong when first applied.  To me it's opening is floral, and I love it, but it quickly moves to a heavy oriental which takes a long time to soften.  Because my bottle is old, it's hard to say if this is normal for Youth-Dew, though one reviewer described Youth-Dew as smelling like an anointing oil used in biblical times...so maybe it is normal. I can understand what that reviewer meant, but that's exactly why I like these older formulas.  The artist wasn't working with a bunch of synthetic ingredients, they were putting nature into a bottle and trying to make the ingredients complement each other.  It can't be easy.  Youth-Dew is strong, but it does mellow with time. If you put it on you might not want to leave the house for an hour...or two.  You only need a teeny-tiny amount. If you like orientals, you might like this fragrance. 

After a few hours it mellows to a very nice soft oriental, but who can wait that long? I did dilute some and it still smells very vintage. My daughter said it still smells like an old lady. :(
youth dew:2