Hi Spring

Spring is here
Spring is here.

Hens and Chicks Centerpiece

I had to find a centerpiece for a baby shower for a boy. I liked using hens and chicks because it was a baby shower. I liked that we could plant these in the garden after the shower.
centerpiece:2 centerpiece:3centerpiece:4
I bought blue plastic table clothes from the dollar store with and lined the original container. I still put a trivet under them on the table because they weren't dry on the bottom.

squirrels storing walnuts

walnuts in odd places
One year I planted tomato plants in pots. The dirt was left in the pots from the year before and I added new potting soil.  At first the plants looked good, then the leaves started to curl.  I finally took them out of the pots and put them in the ground hoping to get a few tomatoes.  When I did that I found walnuts in the pots, not very many, but it must have been enough to poison the tomato plants.  

When I came home from a recent trip I saw the squirrels were working while I was gone.  They are funny, they lodge the walnuts anywhere they can.  I have to remember to dump my pots next year and take out all the walnuts so my plants do well.

punch out holes for drainage

punch out holes for drainage:1
I tried to punch out the holes...

punch out holes for drainage:2
I tried.....and destroyed the bottom....

punch out holes for drainage:4

"Use the drill mee-maw!".....

punch out holes for drainage:3
...Smart dog!

November window box

geraniums in november

Now it is November and you can see the geraniums in my window box are still doing well! You can see my earlier blog post here.

november window box

window box liners

I'm no expert at planting window boxes, but last year I had success planting our window box.  We have a small window box that holds 4 geranium plants. I always used to try and find small containers to fit, but the plants never thrived. I decided to try plastic bags.  I start with a bag for each plant.  The bag should be a little bigger than the root ball you are planting.   I took four bags that the newspaper is delivered in and folded the bag down to the height of the window box, last year I used ziplock bags and that worked great too.  I cut the corners of each bag for drainage.  I put dirt in the bottom, then put the plant in the bag and pack dirt all around the sides of the root ball so it's pretty compact.  Then I place them side by side in the window box.

planting a window box:0

a bag for each plant

planting a window box:1
fold the bag down to the height of your window box

planting a window box:2
cut the corners of each bag for drainage

planting a window box:1
put dirt in the bottom of the bag

planting a window box:3
put the plant in the bag and pack dirt all around the sides of the root ball so it's pretty compact

planting a window box:4
Place them side by side in the window box. This picture was taken after about a month.