The process...

raku house beads

raku beads:fish and chickens
I finally ran my kiln again! Now I have to clean them!

funny birds

funny birds
More beads!

Asymmetrical necklace

larimar and lava necklace
Another asymmetrical necklace made with larimar, lava and recycled glass. I like the ocean colors with the black. It reminds me of Hawaii. I also have one of my raku birds as a toggle.

The aqua beads are very pretty. I'm not sure what they are. I thought the man said lazulite, but I can't find anything comparable. They look a little like larimar, but if they are they are a low grade larimar.

I'm already reworking this necklace in my mind. If I do I will post the pictures.

On the boat

on the boat
I got a little time last summer to paint. This is an oil on canvas that was inspired by the many boat rides I share with my husband. He loves his boat and in the summer we take it across the lake and have a beer.

It was nice to paint again in oils. I love the smell and moving the paint around. I hope I can enjoy painting again soon. I want to make another version of this painting.

bird beads

bird beads
Having fun making these beads!

abstract ceramic beads

abstract beads
Getting back to work! More abstract ceramic beads.

My tile saw

my tile saw
I love my new tile saw that I bought at a garage sale! I'm having a lot of fun cutting rocks!


This week I accidentally threw out my whole photo library. Thankfully my daughter rescued it! (Thanks again honey!) You might have missed these beautiful poppies!

Just for fun

sea creatures
I'm not sure what these are...sea creatures? Land creatures? Just for fun.

little stone house

little stone house
I think I'm in love.

rustic clay beads

rustic clay beads
I used my new kiln and some of these went a little hotter than I had planned. We'll call them rustic!

raw clay beads

raw clay beads mary cullinan
I had time to make some beads. I'm anxious to work on them some more. Hopefully next week!

winter colors

bush in winter
I love the sprinkling of yellow and green with the snow.

maze of life

maze of life
This is a little pendant I did which is an impression of life sandwiched between heaven and hell. We are running this maze with one of those destinations awaiting us.

lily pads

lily pads 1lily pads 2

lily pads 3
I went for a walk the other day and saw these beautiful lily pads.
It reminded me that I had been inspired before by lily pads.
I may try again soon!

lily pad pendant

oxiding sterling silver

oxidized sterling silver clasps
I finally got to solder some chains and clasps then oxidize them.
I hope to use some of them soon!

Necklace made with fireline fishing line

orange and green aventurine necklace
I made this necklace the other day with orange and green aventurine beads. The smaller beads are agate. I had the beads for sale in my store and I kept seeing them as a necklace so I made a long necklace using fireline fishing line. Someone told me about fireline fishing line years ago. I haven't used it much but I like it because it's thin and strong. I do a Peyote style stitching to lock the strand. I am going to use it with pearls in the future.
orange and green long necklace

My kiln repair

broken kiln
My kiln broke and I tried to repair it with some old kiln cement I had and it didn't sad. If I had had a good kiln cement it would've worked beautifully.

broken kiln:2
Now I have to take it all apart and clean up the mess.

drill bit for kiln repair
This is a great drill bit. I got it at a garage sale. I bought it because the guy said it was a great drill bit. He was right!

L&L hi-temp kiln cement is the best
I had to wait for the kiln cement to arrive.

wet hi-temp kiln cement
This is what it looks like.

kiln element care
I'm always gentle with moving the element because they get brittle over time. If I break it then I have another repair! But I already found a great video for that.

repairing a kiln
I had to do this in two stages. You can see how I measure the pieces. I cut them with my mitre saw. I always have the shop-vac on when I'm cutting or grinding. I used fire brick from my old kiln which matched the fire brick in the kiln I'm repairing.

protect the elements!
I try to protect the elements, but I usually get something on them. It can damage them if I get cement on them.

butter the fire brick
Butter the surfaces after you dampen them with water.

kiln repair
It's like frosting a cake.

the kiln repair
The cement seems really secure when dry. I hope it works! Otherwise I have to buy a new kiln! Even if I get another 6 months out of this kiln I would be happy!

I used
this video as a guide, but a different cement than the one featured.

shaping clay to look like fabric

folded fabric kiln fired clay raku
I love taking clay and shaping it to look like fabric. I am also an admirer of George E. Ohr who manipulated clay in interesting ways.

house bead with metal roof

metal roof house beadshouse bead with metal roof
House beads with metal roofs. A fun way to use my copper matte raku glaze.

clay beads

clay beads
Now I have to decide.

Raku bead cleaning

cleaning raku beads
I was able to fire some beads this week. Yay! Now I have to clean them. Boo!

He heals the broken hearted

broken shells
I was blessed to go to Florida recently and I walked on the beach and went in the ocean.  It was the Atlantic side and it was rough so there were only broken shells on the beach.  I walked the beach picking up the shell fragments, studying them I found one was more beautiful than the other. I was kind of shocked to realize they were more beautiful than a perfect shell.  I loved all the scars and holes.  I loved the way they broke and each shell had a different unique pattern.  I was stuffing my pockets with shell fragments and filling my empty coffee cup with them. My mind was planning how I could use them in jewelry.  It made me think of God's mercy, bringing beauty out of broken people and using them in His plan. 

He healeth the broken in heart and bindeth up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Lake Michigan beach stones cut in half

lake michigan stones cut in half:2
lake michigan stones cut in half:1

lake michigan stones cut in half:3

It's fun to work with such beautiful material. When I look at the variety and complexity of each rock I marvel at how awesome a creator God is. He has hidden such beauty inside a rock. No one will ever see it until it’s cut open.

Before and After

clay beads:raw


kiln fired clay beads raku


love rocks

love rocks:1love rockslove rocks:4

love rocks:2
I love cutting stones in half and seeing what's inside. They are still the same stone, but now separated. I thought these are a nice symbol of a relationship separated...long distance relationship, death, parent separated from children. Each stone represents one relationship. Each member gets one half and keeps it and holds it as a reminder of that relationship until the two are reunited bringing the two halves together. Sappy? I like the idea anyway.

raw clay beads

raw clay beads

redo oil painting

painting overpainting over 2

For some reason I love this theme...

I started these paintings years ago and have lost interest in the idea so I'm painting over all of them. I am also trying to use up my old oil paints. I had set aside oil painting because I can't seem to ventilate well enough in the house when I paint.

I like to use mineral spirits as a thinner. If I paint in the basement the dryer burns off the vapors making the clean clothes smell like turpentine.
"Ugh! Now I have to wash everything again!!"

Yesterday I painted in the kitchen. I opened the window and lit a candle trying to burn vapors and ventilate. Later I turned on the stove and had the same problem...turpentine! I had to burn off the mineral spirit vapors in the stove before I could cook dinner because no one would want to eat food that smells like turpentine.

I'm going to try the upstairs bedroom today.

redo oil painting
I kind of wish I had left the face as part of a landscape design. Oh well!

redo oil painting 2
redo oil painting 3

redo oil painting 4
More changes to come...

red bushes

painting over old oil on canvas
Hmmm...what should I do with this sketch?