brown and cream porcelain beads expanded

brown and cream porcelain beads
I made these porcelain abstract beads in brown and white then I found some beads that work so well with them hoping to make a necklace. I did list the strand on my etsy site because design is hard for me, but if no one buys them I will eventually try to make a necklace.

Rush Limbaugh gets the Presidential Medal Of Freedom

Sitting in Baker's Square my Mom asked what I thought of Rush Limbaugh getting the Presidential Medal Of Freedom. I said I thought it was wonderful and she asked me why. I said because he allowed us to have a conversation for 30 years while others were trying to silence and intimidate average Americans from speaking their minds; he protected free speech and gave us courage to do the same.

Blue chalcedony necklace

blue chalcedony necklace
Blue chalcedony necklace combined with blue tone agate and baroque pearls. I really love how this necklace turned out. The giant piece of chalcedony was not drilled perfectly and it causes the bead to stay just how it looks in the picture.

pray for the sick

Sweet Jesus,
Please help and heal those afflicted with the corona virus that is threatening the world with illness. Please stop this plague dead in it's tracks. Please dispatch your heavenly ministering angels to care for those who are sick and afraid.
In your word it says you heal our diseases, it also says, you have not because you ask not, so I'm asking.
Thank you for hearing and answering my prayer!

Neon apatite necklace

Neon Apatite necklace:1neon apatite necklace:2

Neon apatite necklace. I love this necklace, but the small beads have tiny holes and the big beads have larger holes. I had to use a lighter weight beadalon to string it.